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Staining Wood

Adding stain to any wood project will instantly enhance the look of it. It provides a classic look and if you pair it with the right paint color, it offers a gorgeous, sophisticated and rustic look. Not only that, the wood stain protects the wood and provides a unique and gorgeous color. Of course, it all depends on the wood. One of my favorite types to work with is Mahogany, as you can see in the picture. If done correctly, the wood grain will instantly draw your eyes to it. The way the grain absorbs the stain is beautiful. Every wood is different and therefore the color on Mahogany versus Cherry may have slightly different tones to it. No matter the type of wood you have, preparation is a must or you will see every single defect when you're finished. Do you have an old piece that is made of real wood? Send us a message or call us to find out how we can rehab it and bring it back to life.

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