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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a furniture item and purchase it?

Browse our "Shop" section for unfinished furniture pieces. Once you have decided on the furniture piece(s) you are interested in, click on the piece and add it to the cart. You will also have the option to add stain, hardware paint and stencil designs. After purchasing the piece, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your design options and preferences. 

How do I choose the colors & hardware I want?

The price of each piece includes painting in 1-2 colors, glazing (if desired) and distressing (if desired). If you would like to add additional colors and services, it will be an additional charge. Please refer to our Shop Furniture section for pricing of additional services.

How do I pay for my furniture?

We offer two payment options for your convenience. You can pay by credit card or through PayPal. At the time we send the invoice, we will also send a request for payment via PayPal or ask for information for the credit card purchase. 

How long does the process take for a finished piece?

The average time for a piece to be completed is about 2-3 weeks. This would depend on the amount of detail, how many color(s) and how many projects are currently ahead of yours.

What is the delivery fee and where do you deliver?

We currently deliver within a radius of 150 miles from Santa Ana, CA. Please call or email us for a delivery quote and include you zip code.


**We deliver only on Saturday and Sunday.

** If stairs are involved please add, $15.00

Do you ship across the country?

Currently we do not offer shipping across country. We can help you find a shipping company that offers this service if you'd like.

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