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Vintage Comebacks

Retro, vintage and antique furniture is hotter than ever in today's design world. If you're looking for unique style with superb craftsmanship like no other, then consider purchasing an old piece to add instant charm to your home. Vintage furniture offers quality that you can't buy nowadays and at a fraction of the cost from popular big box stores. Consider the features you get like solid wood ( no particle board here), dovetail constructed drawers (no staples, nails or plastics here) and woodwork detail that was actually designed and carved by wood workers themselves. Oh, and did we mention that each piece is amazingly sturdy? If the piece of furniture is still around from the 1920's or so, it will definitely last you another 50 years. The furniture back then was made to last with the finest woods possible, unlike today's in which it's slapped and glued together from a long list of instructions. By simply adding paint and small details, you will be able to rehab any old piece into a work of art that will instantly add character and brightness to any room. Not just that, it's a perfect conversation piece and a one of a kind. This is where Vintage Rehabs comes in. We can help you with design options, colors, stain and even special add ons like stenciling for a truly unique look. Send us a message and let us help you design a piece for your home.

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